Conscientious people, food, mending community!

We inspire & engage emotional intelligence, Pachamama’s concept is the language of Earth Rights translate in sustainable economic development for re-forestation.

Mission and Goal:

To re-plant trees in the Amazon, to promote Pachamama’s concept in each municipality in BC.


To brand Pachamama’s concept in each household, neighborhood,municipality, city, province, country continent and civilization.

The inspiration for our work came out of the April 22, 2010 World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Our mission is to create an enriching and sustainable concept to support the Rights of Mother Earth –

We acquired a cube van and converted it into a food truck for change. Our intention is to create a fleet to branch out, to every other community in B.C.


Betty Gloria Carrillo: Founder Pachamama’s Concept University of Blue Quills Department Faculty of Earth Rights

Downtown Eastside Womens Center

Our Community Bikes

Tracey Axelsson: Senior Adviser. CEO Vancouver Community

Chief Phil Lane Jr. : Senior Adviser. Enrolled member of the Jackton Dakota Chickasaw Nations, internationally recognized activist.

Joe Dion: Senior Adviser. Founder of Dion Resources Inc. Chairman and President of the Indian Resource Council of Canada, which established India Oil and Gas Canada. Founding member of the Canadian Council of Native Business – now the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

Jeff Arlitt and Reagan: Managers Kamloops Mission, and partners in the making.




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    We are pleased to invite all chefs to participate in the Pachamama Taco Contest to compete for the best tacos in B.C. and the opportunity to be endorsed by Pachamama, Latincouver, and Carnival Del Sol where you can promote your creations. To apply email your name and contact information to [email protected]  

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    MakeEarthDayEveryday, Environmental Rights & Justice promote Mother Earth Natural Rights Our Volunteers Make the Difference! Interested in a Specific Campaign? All volunteers are strongly encouraged to sign up for our newsletter to stay up­-to-­date with Pachamama’s Hub campaigns and initiatives. Volunteer opportunities will be mentioned in the newsletter as they arise. Get Started! Fill out our volunteer […]

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  • Donations

    Donations to Paying It Forward Food Truck Program and the other causes can be submitted to us via PayPal. Thank you!

    By ngando | December 8, 2015

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